Ready to BCTIA Battle?

Author: BC Tech Association

Calling all sports enthusiasts!

During the month of September, Clayton and Dylan (BCTIA) are challenging any two people from The Hub to a battle using the new sports equipment (loser buys lunch!). Although summer is almost over, there is still some time to test out the dozen or so new items available to sign out!

For a listing of items available or instructions on how to borrow them, please read on.


Sports Equipment Available:

  • 2 footballs
  • 2 soccer balls
  • 2 Frisbees
  • 2 basketballs
  • 1 Bocce Ball set
  • 1 volleyball
  • 1 volleyball net

How Can I Sign These Out?

To see availability of the equipment or to sign them out, please see Erin at the front reception desk. She holds the power to the signup sheet, so be extra nice to her.

Do I Need to Pay?

Nope! Free of charge for Hub tenants!

We encourage everyone to share and play nice — but of course, a small dose of competition doesn’t hurt! If you are up for the challenge with Dylan and Clayton, please email Clayton at Happy Sporting!

Sports Challenge