Helping non-tech companies adopt technology to grow revenues and profit

Who is this program for?

Leveraging BC Tech’s expertise and network, HyperTech helps SMEs in non-tech businesses adopt

  • Audit: Evaluate existing tools and processes and how well they meet business needs
  • Explore: Discover the tech solutions and trends of most relevance
  • Source: Connect with local providers of tech solutions to solve specific business issues
    and challenges
  • Launch: Advise on best practices or tech implementation and management

Who Is It For?

The program is designed for business owners and SMEs in non-tech industries are looking to adopt technologies to increase efficiency, streamline processes and grow revenues.

The Digital Technology Audit

Kickstart a digital technology initiative with BC Tech’s Digital Technology Audit

What does a tech audit entail?

  • One on one sessions with subject matter experts to evaluate the current state of a business
  • Provide recommendations and an implementation technology roadmap for moving forward
  • Includes key staff interviews, data gathering, review of documents and current platform
  • Participant companies must be committed to investing roughly 15-20 hours of qualified staff
  • time to work with consultants

What are the benefits of a tech audit?

A technology audit is a great opportunity for companies to identify tech solutions that can benefit their organizations. Companies participating in the HyperTech audit will benefit in the following ways:

  • Receive a detailed understanding of their current organizational performance and how they can implement technology solutions to drive productivity gains.
  • Highly subsidized – 75% of the cost is funded through BC Tech
  • Learn and explore in more detail a variety of technology solutions that could be beneficial in streamlining or optimizing current processes
  • Connect with technology agnostic independent consultants within the industry digital

The Outcome

A personalized report that summarizes current state of systems, processes, pain points, company objectives and provides options, recommendations and a technology implementation roadmap

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If you have any questions or would like more information about the program please contact: programs@wearebctech.com