Building a strong, diverse, and inclusive talent pool to help tech companies scale in BC


Building a strong, diverse, and inclusive talent pool to help tech companies scale in BC

A collaborative community-led initiative, HyperTalent leverage’s BC Tech’s expertise and network and delivers programs through in-person and online educational content, first-hand industry exposure, mentor connections and coaching and facilitated seminars. There are two initiatives within the HyperTalent program, K-12 Educators and Indigenous Internships.

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K-12 Educators

After parents, teachers are usually the most influential adults in children’s lives; in order to reach students, we must first reach the teachers. With changes happening to BC’s Grade 11 and 12 career education curriculum in September and shortages in skilled labour for tech careers, now is the critical time to support educators in technology awareness. Although there are technology training programs for students, there are few programs that focus on the educators themselves and particularly for educators from all disciplines.

Indigenous Internships

With Indigenous people representing less than 1% of technology jobs in BC, there lies a tremendous opportunity to develop Indigenous talent for the future workforce by both attracting and maintaining Indigenous employees in the sector. Although there are programs training technical skills for Indigenous youth none provide the next stage of hands-on work experience.

What Is It?​

HyperTalent will advance the objective of Technology Everywhere for Everyone by:

Connecting K-12 educators to tech companies

Facilitating indigenous youth to access tech internships

Training transitioning workers to develop skills in digital marketing, sales, and customer success

Creating an industry led voluntary code of conduct on best practice in diversity and inclusion

What Is Unique?

  • We start early by working with K-12 educators so they can share more confidently the
    pathway to tech with their students
  • We open doors to opportunities with tech companies for indigenous talent, immigrants
    and transitioning workers
  • We unite and galvanize the industry to adopt best practices in diversity and inclusion so our
    industry is welcome to all and has the diversity that’s the essential fuel of innovation

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