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HyperScale is BC Tech’s flagship program designed to infuse scale-stage companies with the expertise, access, and clarity needed to become one of our province’s next Anchor companies. HyperScale will tackle scaling challenges and reinforce what’s required to grow into a thriving, impactful business.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for CEOs, Founders and executive teams of technology companies wanting to scale annual revenues from $10M+ to $50M+.

“HyperScale has the right framework of how mentorship conversations should be at the scale stage. We continue to engage our assigned mentors and others we had met through the program after the session ended.” —Shamil Hargovan, Wiiv.

What is it?

Grounded in research and extensive interviews with entrepreneurs that have successfully scaled, the HyperScale program focuses on four critical success factors required to move companies to the anchor stage.

  • Strengthen: Deepen the executive leadership and culture to achieve a next level of growth
  • Scale: Evaluation of capital options and deployment of a next level funding strategy
  • Execute: Deploy organizational processes, technology and business systems required for scale
  • Accelerate: Guidance in selecting and utilizing advisors including a Board of Directors

How is it delivered?

HyperScale is designed around customized mentorship and short seminars from global subject matter experts. Each quarter a subject matter expert will speak on one of the four key success factors. A customized mentor approach means teams can focus on whichever issue is most critical for the business. Based on interactions at structured networking events, both companies and mentors choose the individuals they want to work with. Following this double opt-in process there is a time commitment of two hours of mentorship per month.

What is unique?

HyperScale is one of the few programs in Canada that addresses this stage of company development.

  • Flexible delivery structure to fit the needs of both companies and mentors
  • High quality mentors and subject matter experts who have lived the scale up process
  • Double opt-in mentor process ensures motivation and fit from both sides
  • Program is focused on a small group of companies to deliver the most impact

For more information about the HyperScale program please contact hello@wearebctech.com

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