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BC Tech Dragons are industry experts, innovators and seasoned entrepreneurs, who are committed to helping BC Tech members to grow and scale.

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Photo of Shahram Tafazoli

Shahram Tafazoli

Chief of Artificial Intelligence The Weir Group

Company info

Shahram Tafazoli is an avid inventor, entrepreneur, and angle investor in the technology space. He received all his degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He holds a PhD degree from University of British Columbia and Master and Bachelor’s degrees from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. After graduating in 1997, he started a one-man technology consulting company based in UBC. This consulting company has since evolved to Motion Metrics International Corp., which was acquired by The Weir Group for the headline price of $250M CDN in December 2021. The company will operate as part of Weir’s ESCO division and Shahram will continue to lead the business. As part of Weir’s ESCO division, Shahram is truly excited to establish in Canada a global center of excellence for AI and Machine Vision for mining applications. Motion Metrics today has 124 employees worldwide with its main operations in Canada and specializes in design, development, and commercialization of machine vision solutions for tough mining challenges leveraging latest artificial intelligence algorithms. Motion Metrics crossed $20M in revenue in 2019 and continues to grow globally with offices in Chile, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and Russia.

Shahram holds an adjunct professorship position with UBC and has offered courses in robotics, control systems, and digital signal processing. He is also an associate member of the Creative Destruction Lab at both University of Toronto and UBC and is an angel investor with investments in early-stage tech ventures. He has co- authored many patents with other Motion Metrics engineers.