Pay Transparency Act – what you need to know

On 11 May 2023 BC’s Bill 13 Pay Transparency Act received Royal Ascent with the goal of supporting the identification and elimination of pay differences among groups of workers.

What’s relevant now:

  • Employers may not ask potential candidates about their current salary level and pay history
  • Employers may not prevent or reprimand employees who ask about or share pay information

What’s relevant from 1 November:

  • Employers must include salary band information in job postings. Bands are not defined but must be reasonable.

What’s being phased in

  • Annual pay transparency reporting. The first entities to report are the major Crown corporations and the public service which will report from 2023. Employers with 1000+ employees will need to report from 2024. Employers with 300+ employees will need to report from 2025. Employers with 50+ employees will need to report from 2026.
  • Templates and tools are being developed to support employers to compile the reporting.

Questions feedback and comments are welcome to and please let BC Tech know how this is impacting you so we can advocate on your behalf.