Pangaea Connection Day

Author: Dylan Freeze

Bringing MNEs & BC Technology Companies Together

At the BCTIA, we offer such a wide range of servicesto our member companies that it can be difficult at times to remember it all, and it makes it hard to answer the question, “what do you do?”

For me, there is one program that comes to mind immediately, and that’s our Connection Day program. The purpose of a Connection Day is to facilitate an introductory meeting between a large multinational enterprise and a group of our local, member tech companies. With joint ventures and acquisitions as an end result of previous Connections Days, these events have the potential to be of extremely high value to all BCTIA members.

Luckily for us, Pangaea Ventures brought a group of notable companies to Vancouver for their Advanced Materials Commercialization Summit on October 21st. Through collaboration with the always helpful Javed Haque and Nina Cagic at the Ministry of International Trade, we were able to organize meetings between our member companies and Nitto Denko, Samsung SDI, JSR Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Evonik Industries and Solvay S.A.

With 19 member companies attending approximately 28 meetings throughout the course of a single day, this was the largest Connection Day in BCTIA history. “BCTIA does a great job in making these connections with the market and it is truly appreciated!” said Jonathan Rhone, President & CEO of Axine Water Technologies, of his Connection Day experience.

Only time will tell how successful this Connection Day was for our member companies, but we know that as long as we continue to bring multinationals to Vancouver to meet our members, big things will happen.

To ensure that your company is considered for future Connection Days, email me at to learn more about the program and to become a BCTIA member.

We strongly believe that collaboration is the only way to get anything done, and here at the BCTIA, collaboration is what we do best.

Dylan Freeze
Senior Analyst, Cleantech and Life Sciences
Centre4Growth, BCTIA | 604.691.2279