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Vanedge Capital

Location 1333 W Broadway #750, Vancouver, V6H 4C1, BC Phone: (604) 569-3883 Website:

Company info

Vanedge Capital is a $138M early stage venture capital fund based in Vancouver, BC. Launched in May 2010, investors in the fund include major institutional investors as well as a number of high net worth individuals. These investors are successful entrepreneurs and bring substantial connections and insight to the fund.
The investment team is comprised of industry veterans who bring a deep track record of successfully identifying, securing, and developing digital media investments. The Principals provide a broad network of high-level relationships with digital media companies and creative professionals, unparalleled domain knowledge, and significant operating experience gained through the management of, and investment in, technology, media, and entertainment businesses.

We invest worldwide, with a focus on the US and Canada, in companies where our unique combination of operating leadership and management, background in technology, creative and management talent, and subject matter expertise will generate out-sized returns. We focus on investing in companies which can leverage our operating skills, experience and contacts to bring great properties and services to market. We provide world-class access to partnership opportunities, customer introductions and leadership to a select group of companies where growth and profitability can be enhanced through the strategic use of technology and licensing, improvements in core marketing, distribution and operating processes.

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1333 W Broadway #750, Vancouver, V6H 4C1, BC