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Riipen Networks Inc.

Phone: (604) 653-5455 Website:

Company info

Riipen Networks Inc. is a big data company that provides employer branding and an improved hiring process for emerging talent via its online platform, Riipen connects companies to students through short-term, skillspecific projects early on in the students’ post-secondary education. Founded by students for students, Riipen is also a social venture on a mission to reduce youth unemployment by eliminating graduate underemployment; both of which currently have the highest rates for North America in history and have even been labelled an epidemic (Generation Jobless, 2014). It was this social problem that led the founders to conceptualize Riipen. Frustrated with their lack of job prospects leaving UVic and seeing many of their friends take low-skilled jobs as bartenders and baristas because they were consumed by student debt, they realized something had to change. Although they had the skills to succeed in the job market, their resumes were no different than the millions of other graduates with limited practical experience.