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Photo of Oxygen8 Solutions Inc.

Oxygen8 Solutions Inc.

Home 300 – 638 Smithe Street Vancouver British Columbia V6B 1E3 Phone: 604-760-9093 Website:

Company info

Oxygen8 develops and sells compact ventilation systems that improve the health of people and sustainability of our planet. We are revolutionizing the way we ventilate, heat, cool, dehumidify and humidify our buildings. Our decentralized Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems bring 100% fresh, filtered air directly into a buildings space at the right temperature and humidity. This prevents the transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria, improving the health, comfort, and productivity of the people who live, work and breathe in buildings. Our 100% electric HVAC systems with energy recovery address current human health and climate change challenges and significantly improves human health and environmental impact.

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300 – 638 Smithe Street Vancouver British Columbia V6B 1E3