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Photo of IPMC Smart Technologies Inc.

IPMC Smart Technologies Inc.

Location Suite 330, 1620 Dickson Avenue Kelowna BC V1V 9Y2 Website:

Company info

IPMC has been a leading Information Technology company globally for more than two decades. Spread over 26 locations across 7 countries, we have a workforce of 700+ IT professionals. Our head office for Canada is located in Kelowna. IPMC’s expertise is in IT systems integration, software development, IT training and IT outsourcing. We have specific automation solutions for small medium and large businesses across various verticals such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, retail outlets, agriculture, distilleries, mining, and more. We have also developed software for the banking industry and government sector.

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Suite 330, 1620 Dickson Avenue Kelowna BC V1V 9Y2