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Ikomed Technologies

Location 1375 McLean Drive Vancouver BC V5L 3N7 Phone: 604-258-0028 Website:

Company info

IKOMED is Vancouver-based medical-device Technology Company.

Our AEGIS is a shutter system that incorporates machine learning and image processing to reduce X-ray radiation in fluoroscopy by over 60% as proven in clinical-studies. Fluoroscopy is an X-Ray based imaging technology widely used to guide minimally-invasive procedures where catheters are inserted into patients’ bodies for treatment. These procedures reduce the need for surgery but expose patients and staff to large amounts of radiation.

AEGIS has been cleared by the FDA and is sold commercially in the USA via a partner.

ATMOS is a proprietary device for non-invasive treatment of emphysema, a type of COPD (Chronic- Obstructive-Pulmonary-Disease) using RF radiation. Emphysema is a debilitating disease, caused by smoking and other factors, and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Treatment is focused on alleviating symptoms with no cure available. The ATMOS device provides a full cure for the disease. It has been successfully proven on rodents in collaboration with a UBC team and is now being tested on large animals on path to human trials.

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1375 McLean Drive Vancouver BC V5L 3N7