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Hydrogen In Motion

Location 206-718 Main Street, Vancouver, V6A 0B1, BC Phone: (778) 888-9590 Website:

Company info

Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) is developing mobile hydrogen storage tanks and will deliver these tanks to owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for them to use with their hydrogen fuel equipment or vehicles. For details click on the storage or delivery icons to right Energy is a critical foundation in society and consumer demand for clean energy is on the rise. Governments have made public commitments to sustainable energy and climate change initiatives particularly in the realm of transportation given its significance in terms of energy usage and pollution. Huge strides have been made in the conversion of hydrogen into electricity and back and the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream reality. Major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) are firmly committed to production and roll-out of “zero-emission” hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the 2015-2017 timeframe. Meanwhile, several jurisdictions have recently announced budgetary approvals for construction of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure required to support the operation of FCEVs, including Germany, California, Japan, and Korea. Limited hydrogen infrastructure is already available in industrialized regions in the form of local production and distribution of compressed gas to industrial applications such as refineries and fertilizer plants. Despite these advances, two key adoption barriers for FCEVs remain: public safety concerns regarding compressed hydrogen tanks and, in the absence of widespread infrastructure, limited means to refill on-board hydrogen fuel tanks. Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M) is developing innovative hydrogen storage solutions. H2M has two business lines which addresses the aforementioned issue of storage and infrastructure by: firstly, addressing safety concerns by developing and manufacturing safe, non-pressurized, non-toxic, portable hydrogen fuel tanks; and secondly, addressing the infrastructure issue by delivering these tanks pre-filled with hydrogen to consumers. The H2M solution delivers hydrogen fuel to the driver in the same way bottled water is delivered providing a convenient and turnkey solution to automakers and owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well as other users of hydrogen.

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206-718 Main Street, Vancouver, V6A 0B1, BC