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Green Matter Technologies

Location 26868 56 Ave #105 Langley Twp BC V4W 1N9 Canada Phone: 604-620-9564 Website: Green Matter Technologies

Company info

Green Matters Technologies is a green technology OEM start-up, supplying the HVAC industry with innovative heat pumps for commercial hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and mid-rise/high-rise commercial and residential applications.

Their proprietary heat recovery systems create an endless supply of hot water by capturing and transferring waste heat from sources such as a building’s air conditioning system, district energy, or ambient air.

Green Matters “Zero Emission” product lines easily retrofit into existing facilities or can be directly implemented into new development, enabling businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time, providing substantial energy savings.

Green Matters Technologies takes pride in being an environmentally sustainable company, making meaningful and impactful changes through products that are a win for business, and a win for the environment.

Because when it comes to making this world a better place, green matters.

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26868 56 Ave #105 Langley Twp BC V4W 1N9 Canada