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Photo of GenXys Health Care Systems Inc.

GenXys Health Care Systems Inc.

Work 200 – 322 Water Street Vancouver BC V6B 1B6 Phone: 206-408-3099 Website:

Company info

GenXys is a health tech company providing award winning medication decision support software to the market that increases patient safety, improves population health, and reduces the cost of healthcare through automated pharmacogenetic informed clinical decision support. Our patented software enables precision prescribing in the community and for patients to have their genetic makeup be a factor in medication choice. Our proven software guides clinicians in the safest, most personalized and optimized prescribing choices at the point of care and is transforming prescribing from manual trial and error to digitally enhanced precision. Our clinical decision support software is in use by major insurance providers, health systems and pharmacies across North America to address inappropriate prescribing which is a leading cause of adverse drug reactions, a top 5 cause of death.

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200 – 322 Water Street Vancouver BC V6B 1B6