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Work 200-375 Water Street, Vancouver, V6B 0M9, BC Phone: 1 (800) 886-4870 Website:

Company info

Freightera is an online freight marketplace that makes freight shipping transparent and easy. It allows manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to instantly find the best all-inclusive rates from hundreds of LTL carriers in Canada and US, online, 24/7. It matches empty trucks with shippers looking for great deals and removes inefficiencies of traditional broker freight, eliminating untold amounts of wasted time, money and energy. If you ever had to ship freight, you know how much hassle that is. Phone tag with freight brokers, pricing uncertainty and not knowing what’s happening with your shipment is stressful. How would you like to ship freight as easy and fast as booking flights and hotels on Expedia? That’s what you can do with Freightera.

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200-375 Water Street, Vancouver, V6B 0M9, BC