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Envisioning Labs

Home 610 Main St, 400 Vancouver BC V6A2V3 Canada Website: Envisioning Labs

Company info

We are an award-winning innovation and R&D firm focused on developing social and technological solutions that counter climate change and foster a carbon-neutral future. Our team takes pride and pleasure in working to solve complex challenges that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Net Zero by 2050 Mission, often weaving interdisciplinary and multi-domain technologies into a solution. For almost a decade our inventors, scientists, innovators and consultants have developed innovations to complex challenges that have resulted in positive social and environmental impact across a wide range of industries. We bring a cross-disciplinary and domain-agnostic approach to solving difficult problems as innovation professionals, yet industry outsiders. We collaborate with partners in industry, private equity, academia and NGOs to move technology solutions up the Technology Readiness Level ladder, and are more than willing to share the work and the rewards of such efforts.