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Charm Games

Location 102-1220 West 6th Avenue Vancouver BC V6H 1A5 Phone: 778-858-4541 Website:

Company info

Charm Games is an award-winning independent developer of virtual reality (VR) experiences based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Founded by veteran game developers Derek Young and Alan Jernigan in 2015, who have a shared passion for VR, Charm Games is focused on creating beautiful adventures in virtual reality on Quest, PC, and PlayStation. Our goal is to create accessible, immersive experiences that invoke feelings of mystery, wonder, and charm. Our design philosophy is centered on ensuring players never leave feeling like they wanted something more. We value rapid iteration, continual growth, constant collaboration and the ability to make decisions that give the best experience for our audience.

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102-1220 West 6th Avenue Vancouver BC V6H 1A5