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Home 1500 West Georgia, #1300, Vancouver BC V6G 2Z6 Canada Home Phone: 778-373-4857 Website: CansultHub

Company info

CansultHub has a dedicated team for mentoring startup companies to scale up their projects. We have wide experience in accelerating startup projects across North America for local and international clients. From pre-incubation services including:
– Idea Assessment and Review
– Idea Pre-Validation (Concept Approval & Technology Formulation)
– Idea Polishing and Finalization (Proof of Functionality)
To post-incubation services covering the below parts
– Conduct the Prototype Testing Phase
– Create the Product Landing Page
– Launch the MVP
– Write/ Revise the Business Plan
– Run the Business Plan
– Business Development (Further Service Including Fundraising, and Networking)
We are always here to assist you!
CansultHub also has a wide network of ventures and angel investors in the USA, Dubai, and other countries. We have built a legal hub cooperating with more than 100 top-ranked lawyers in several fields of practice across North America.