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BDC Venture Capital

Location 505 Burrard Street, Suite 2100 P.O. Box 6, Vancouver, V7X 1M6, BC Phone: (604) 666-7850 Website:

Company info

BDC is the Business Development Bank of Canada. From over 100 offices across the country, BDC promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs.

A financial institution owned by the Government of Canada, BDC has been serving Canadian entrepreneurs for more than 65 years. Our team helps more than 29,000 businesses reach their full potential. As a complementary lender, we offer loans and investments that fill out or complete services available from commercial financial institutions.

We put special focus on SMEs in sectors such as manufacturing, exporting, innovation and knowledge-based industries. We pay particular attention to start-ups, innovators, fast growth companies, manufacturers and exporters. We also focus on entrepreneurs who are working to commercialize the fruits of R&D to create innovative products and globally successful companies.

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505 Burrard Street, Suite 2100 P.O. Box 6, Vancouver, V7X 1M6, BC