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Photo of Axine Water Technologies Inc.

Axine Water Technologies Inc.

Location 108 – 2386 East Mall Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3 Phone: 604-336-8900 Website:

Company info

Axine develops low cost, chemical-free solutions for treating ammonia and toxic organics in industrial wastewater addressing multi-billion dollar pain points for customers in the microelectronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Axine solutions are based on a breakthrough electrochemical technology that is compact, modular and integrates into existing treatment plants to target specific pain points without disrupting operations. Our service model enables customers to access the technology with minimal capital investment. This enables them to immediately reduce costs and risks, eliminate off-site wastewater trucking and disposal, improve wastewater system performance, increase water reuse, and ensure compliance.

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108 – 2386 East Mall Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3