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Awesense Wireless, Inc.

Location 66 E 4th Avenue Vancouver BC V5T 1E8 Phone: 236-862-5941 Website:

Company info

Awesense has developed a software platform to digitalize, optimize and modernize energy systems. The Awesense solution provides users with the tools to run advanced analytics, detect issues and enable a granular insight into distributed energy, renewables, and electric vehicles. The core component of our platform is a data processing and validation engine that cleans up and synchronizes data from disparate sources. In addition, our platform ensures that this cleansed, synchronized time-series data is represented geospatially. Using this, a dynamic digital twin is created to model the energy system. Upon this model, applications, analytics and visualizations can be built easily. These analyses are used to extract actionable insights from the data and inform decision-making in planning, operations, asset management, and renewable and electric vehicle development.

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66 E 4th Avenue Vancouver BC V5T 1E8