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Location 13600 Smallwood Pl Richmond BC V6V 1W8 Canada Phone: (778) 508-9837 Website:

Company info

Autozen is a digital marketplace, created to remove friction, frustrations and safety concerns associated with conventional private car sales. All of this – totally free to the seller, at no obligation to accept any, fully qualified offers that do get made. We create a totally zen-like experience for both sellers and buyers. Autozen facilitates the exchange between private car sellers and authorized car buyers. The buyers in our network compete in an online auction to purchase cars put up for sale. All listed vehicles are vetted by one of our Autozen Experts who complete the on-site inspection and appraisal service. Once the seller accepts the offer, Autozen picks up the car and delivers it to the buyer and handles the transfers of payment and paperwork. At Autozen – we invite you to let it go.

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13600 Smallwood Pl Richmond BC V6V 1W8 Canada