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Active Witness Corp.

Website: Active Witness Corp.

Company info

Active Witness is a developer of cloud-based access control that leverages mobile credentials and facial verification for frictionless facility security. Our patent pending, multi-factor authentication utilizes AI powered facial authentication to help secure any facility from unauthorized personnel with mobile access (via QR-codes) and facial biometrics. We have developed a multi-platform smartphone app (Android and IOS) that is used by both administrators and end-users alike. Our hosted cloud-based access control system allows users to be granted facility access with ease and effective visitor management software. Our mobile app offers a suite of supplementary features, beyond what you typically get with legacy Access Control technology, such as video recording, remote troubleshooting, tailgate tracking, facility access analytics, and more. The days of utilizing key cards, fobs, and expensive server-based solutions are over. We believe that the smart cities of the future will rely on mobile-access and facial biometrics for frictionless, yet highly secure cloud-based access to any secure facility. Key cards can be fraudulently replicated and cause an unnecessary amount of plastic waste each year. Server-based solutions are costly to implement and maintain and also have limitations in their ability to scale with an organization. You never go anywhere without your phone, and you can’t leave home without your face, making our technology the perfect fit for any organization looking to upgrade their facility access for a reasonable price. Active Witness wants to challenge not only the concept of what a traditional Access Control company does for its customers but also how those products and services are delivered to the end-user.