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Photo of Gabriel Cadwell

Gabriel Cadwell

CTO Tsunami Solutions
Category: Saas CTO Member


Tsunami Solutions Ltd. was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1999, for the purpose of creating innovative technology solutions to real-world problems. Born from one customer’s need to effectively monitor the safety of their large staff of remote workers, Tsunami designed its signature product called SafetyLine Lone Worker (www.safetylineloneworker.com) to meet this demand. SafetyLine then paved the way for an entire industry to grow around this need. While innovating in technology, Tsunami has taken a more traditional approach to build a successful and sustainable business. From our start as a family business, we have continued to embrace the value of family in how we operate. As a privately held organization, Tsunami has been profitable for over 15 years and has shown a steady annual growth rate. From a technical partnership standpoint, Tsunami has been able to work closely with leading device and technology partners in order to integrate devices and services to better improve the quality and functionality of the service that customers expect.