Meet the Tech Culture of the Year 2021 TIAs Finalists

Culture is often the unseen factor that differentiates good companies from great companies. A strong, robust company culture can inspire employees and provide a direction and purpose to the entire organization. The Tech Culture of the Year Award recognizes a company whose culture is fundamental to the success of their business, accelerating growth and profitability and deepening the positive impact they have on the ecosystem and community.  Let’s get to know our #2021TIAs finalists!

The Tech Culture of the Year award is presented in partnership with SAP.


Freightera’s mission is to reduce stress on people and the planet by making freight shipping easy, accessible, and green. The Vancouver-based online freight marketplace allows manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to instantly find and book shipments and secure the best deals on shipping from hundreds of different carriers

The company believes that organizations need a mission beyond profitability.  They recognize that the traditional freight industry contributes to a significant amount of Co2 emissions and air pollution.  That’s why Freightera has reimagined freight shipping, making it greener and more efficient, and their company culture is at the core of their business.  Freightera’s team live by their seven C’s: Can-Do Attitude. Culture of “A” Players. Continuous Improvement. Creativity. Courage. Collaboration. And Care More – the fundamental value.


Klue is a competitive enablement platform built to collect, curate, and deliver competitive and market intelligence across every department of any business.  The company leverages the best possible information available to deliver powerful insights that help Klue’s clients rise above the competition in their respective markets.  They also allow clients to gather key information and insights on their own internal teams within their organizations – creating better work environments for their clients and their clients’ employees.

Klue believes that culture should be driven by the team, not be forced on them by leadership.  The company is evidently proud of its people and the organic and authentic way that they have become Klue’s culture ambassadors.  While average industry turnover is 19%, Klue’s turnover is only 8%, suggesting that their team is as enthusiastic about the company’s mission as they are.  Every new employee is given the company handbook, known as the Klue Code, which highlights the core values of the company as well as a path to success that emphasizes empowering others and upholding the integrity of Klue’s team.


Lumen5 is an online video creation platform with over 750,000 users worldwide. Founded in Vancouver in 2017, Lumen5’s purpose is to democratize storytelling by empowering organizations to spread ideas and share knowledge through video creation.  The company allows its clients to create impressive and engaging video content that can be used to compete with larger companies with bigger budgets in social media marketing videos.

Lumen5 is serious about its company culture and is not afraid to demonstrate it.  They operate with a “people first” mentality that emphasizes the three key values the company wants its team members to be – Trusting, Humble, and Tenacious.  Lumen5 reinforces these values at every opportunity, with company programs such as charitable donation matching, a $2000 annual learning and development budget, and even helping cover employee childcare costs during COVID-19.

Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies helps companies connect with customers easily and conveniently via SMS messaging.  Rival’s mobile-first, conversational solutions replace email-based approaches by leveraging chat, voice, and video technologies to capture real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback.  Global brands use Rival Technologies’ platform to enhance research, customer experience, and engagement.  By focusing on mobile solutions, the company is able to tap into and engage today’s busy consumers that would otherwise be reluctant or unwilling to provide data via a traditional medium.

Rival Technologies believes in treating employees like family, providing the supportive and encouraging environment necessary to achieve great results.  The company culture is one of trust and autonomy, whereby employees are empowered to question the status quo and take an active role in helping the company grow and improve.  Part of fostering this culture comes from Rival’s Social Pods – a company initiative that allows groups of employees to connect with each other to learn new skills and take on new challenges that is fully funded by Rival.