Meet the Finalists for ‘Gamechanger – Climate Leadership’

Selected from the four Finalists showcased below, the winner of this Technology Impact Award has gone above and beyond to make a game-changing difference to advancing climate solutions in British Columbia. The 2022 “GameChanger – Climate Leadership” award is presented in partnership with Vancity.

General Fusion

Using proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) technology, a practical and affordable approach to creating fusion energy, this Vancouver-based company is on a mission to commercialize its fusion technology by the early 2030s, leading to the deployment of fusion power plants across global energy markets. Complemented by intermittent renewable energy generation, commercial fusion power plants will satisfy the power needs of a net-zero world by harnessing the sun’s energy source here on earth to address the growing global demand for affordable clean energy and create a solution to the challenges of climate change.

Key stat: Global electricity demand is expected to increase by 265% by 2050, fusion is an energy solution that will make a meaningful difference to climate change while meeting this  demand.

Global Relay

This Vancouver-based company delivers cloud archiving, surveillance, eDiscovery, and analytics solutions to the global finance industry via a renewably-powered North Vancouver data centre that uses cutting-edge green technologies including free air and evaporative cooling, a lead acid-free uninterruptible power supply, variable frequency drives, LED lighting, and three-phase occupancy sensors. In a further gesture of its commitment to the environment, Global Relay donated a portion of the property where its data centre stands to the City of Vancouver for use as part of the Spirit Trail ecological area.

Key stat: Data centres are typically among the most energy-intensive building types, consuming up to 50 times the energy (per floor space) of typical commercial office buildings.


Vancouver-based HTEC is unlocking the potential of hydrogen to reduce air pollution and the impacts of climate change by designing and building solutions that support the deployment of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) across North America.

Key stat: In 2021, HTEC’s network dispensed over 11,000 kilograms of hydrogen fuel, more than six times the amount it dispensed in 2019.

Loop Energy

Working alongside vehicle manufacturers, integration partners and sub-system suppliers, Loop Energy’s proprietary eFlow technology is used as a zero-emissions power solution for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles such as transit buses, delivery trucks and specialty vehicles.

Key stat: In 2021, the Lishui Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, China, launched an 11-bus transit fleet equipped with Loop’s T505 Series fuel cell system. The buses have since completed over 400,000 kilometres of operational service and achieved 96 percent uptime.