Meet the Finalists for ‘Company of the Year – Startup’

This award acknowledges an early-stage tech company generating revenue, attracting team members, and creating significant buzz in B.C.’s tech ecosystem by bringing novel and impactful products or services to market. This award is presented in partnership with Microsoft.

The award’s ten finalists will be narrowed down to a top three shortlist by a panel of esteemed judges at the live #2022TIAs Dragon’s Den Pitch Night on September 15th, 2022. Register for the event today and don’t miss out on an exciting night celebrating the 2022 TIAs theme of “Ambition”!

The “Company of the Year – Startup” winner will be announced at the TIAs Gala on October 6th, 2022 and will receive a cheque for $10,000 from the BC Tech Association (BC Tech) to accelerate their growth.

Arya Health

Vancouver-based Arya produces cloud-based enterprise software solutions (EHRs) for Canadian physicians and allied health professionals. Designed for use in outpatient settings and multidisciplinary clinics, Arya EHR is a cost-effective multidisciplinary platform that streamlines everything from appointment scheduling and reminders to note-taking and tracking medications. ARYA Handover, meanwhile, includes the charting power of Arya EHR alongside features designed to facilitate in-patient management in hospital settings.

Carbin Minerals

Carbin Minerals captures atmospheric CO2 and transforms it into rock, where it is safely stored forever. The company’s technologies accelerate a natural process known as atmospheric carbon mineralization. A spinoff of Professor Greg Dipple’s world-leading lab at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver-based Carbin Minerals is working toward durable, gigatonne-scale carbon dioxide removal by tapping into the ultramafic rocks that make up one of the largest carbon storage reservoirs on Earth.


Using a one-stop-shop online platform, CargoSprout combines outsourcing for shipping and warehousing with project management for small and medium-sized freight forwarding companies. With goods worth $55 billion in transit daily, the Vancouver-based company solves complex supply-chain problems by providing a service that ensures we all get what we ordered on time and on budget. No more spreadsheets, phone calls, and lengthy emails.


Daanaa is on a mission to become the standard for power transaction. The Vancouver-based company has a proprietary semiconductor technology where the same unit (chip) act as both a transmitter and receiver to transfer power and data through the air, or through existing structures, while freely converting between AC and DC to improve efficiency, going through materials like wood, plastics, and concrete. By integrating into existing hardware, starting with solar power, EV and BMS, Daanaa is creating advanced energy transfer that is integrated, safe, and free from constraints.

Kopahi Manufacturing

Vancouver-based Kopahi Manufacturing specializes in capture services, product development, prototyping, and on-demand manufacturing. By innovating new and better machines and processes, and guaranteeing its work, Kopahi’s mission is to be efficient and cost-effective enough to compete with global manufacturers on 3D digitization, engineering design, prototyping, and low-volume production. Its shop includes various 3D scanners, 3D printers with large build volume, computer numerical control (CNC) mills, Injection Molding Machines, Metal 3D printers and laser engravers.


Based in Vancouver, MintList’s  AI-powered online marketplace streamlines and accelerates the buying and selling of cars across North America. Starting with an online inspection conducted via smartphone, the intelligent MintList system picks up scratches and tire condition, and packages vehicles in a format auto dealers understand. It then launches 15-minute auctions, often getting over 100 offers on a single car. Consumers can then accept the highest bid as a cash offer or choose a new car from any dealer and trade in the auctioned vehicle.


Delta-based Nexpress manufactures, supplies, services and innovates micro electric vehicles (MEVs) and infrastructure such as e-bikes, e-scooters and micro charging stations. With its software application spanning the Cloud, mobile phones, MEVs and charging stations, the entire Nexpress system provides security (live tracking, GPS location, geofencing, immobilizing, patrolling and police services), user management, data science, and access-level control that enables municipalities to manage fleets of rental MEVs.

Perfectly Snug

Perfectly Snug is a sleeptech company founded to improve the quality of people’s sleep and as such, developed and markets the world’s first solution for sleep temperature control and optimization. Perfectly Snug’s high-tech sleep surface measures a sleeper’s body temperature and adaptively cools or heats the surface to maintain a preferred temperature. Dual-zone independent temperature control enables couples to sleep well together, with a patented Smart Topper using non-traditional materials and specially-designed fans to provide airflow under and around the sleeper. A suite of sensors enables proprietary intelligent algorithms to control fans and heaters embedded in the product.


Vancouver-based Pocketed is modernizing and automating a traditionally service-based business and eliminating financial barriers for entrepreneurs. Pocketed helps Canadian businesses unlock access to over $5.9 billion in government grants and tax incentives every year. Its intelligent platform helps remove financial barriers by matching users with available funding options in minutes, enabling companies to focus on solving problems for their customers and growing their businesses.


VodaSafe is using the power of artificial intelligence to transform water rescue and victim recovery. Using its AquaEye handheld scanning sonar device, rescuers can search a nearly 2-acre body of water in less than 5 minutes, which would take hours if not days using conventional methods. AquaEye is portable, deployable in seconds, and most importantly, uses AI to differentiate between humans and other underwater objects, allowing users to act quickly with confidence. AquaEye saves valuable time, which not only increases the chance of a successful rescue but also reduces risk and resource demand of search and rescue teams.