Meet the Company of the Year – Scale TIA Finalists

The journey to scaleup success is rarely a straight line and brings new challenges and opportunities. This award acknowledges a scaleup success tech company that is an emerging leader and role model in the BC technology industry. The finalists of this award will likely continue to grow to become the next anchors of BC’s tech ecosystem.

The Company of the Year – Scale award is presented in partnership with Clio.


Canalyst is a leading independent provider of fundamental models to institutional investors. The company enables its clients to implement new efficiency tools into their workflow and uncover more, higher-conviction investment opportunities by quickly ramping up and expanding coverage based on the robustness and breadth of Canalyst’s platform. Canalyst also provides instant access to the rich, structured, fundamental data via its database of complete, company-specific forecast models on thousands of global securities.

Located in Downtown Vancouver, Canalyst is transforming the way professional investors access and use fundamental data, empowering them to innovate on their research process.  The traditional approach to creating investment models requires investors to be experts at sourcing, building, and updating them. Canalyst removes this pressure, by providing its clients with the tools they need to make smart investments that will yield the best returns.  

East Side Games 

Founded in 2011, East Side Games (ESG) is an independent, Vancouver based game studio that focuses on producing engaging and compelling narrative idle games and creating the technology for developers to tell their stories. The company believes in community-driven design, making games built for fans by fans. Some of their best-known mobile game titles include Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money, Archer Danger Phone, and It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile.  East Side Games says their games and team have the same goal – to be inclusive and fun for everyone. 

East Side Games seeks to disrupt the perception of a “gamer”. The company believes everyone with a phone can be a gamer, and targets audiences that have never had games made for them before, by making high-quality narrative idle games that cater to a diverse target audience.  This strategy has been pivotal to the rapid scaling that East Side Games has experienced in recent years.  Since 2014, the compound annual growth rates were 77.3% for revenue and 112.1% for net income. A feat the company achieved without any funding from outside investors.

Jane Software Inc. 

Jane Software is an all-in-one health and wellness practice management platform designed to streamline and simplify the online practice management for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing care to their patients and clients.  Available online and on any device, Jane Software offers branded online booking, scheduling, insurance management, customizable charting, online intake forms, patient reminders, integrated payment processing, and online appointments.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Jane Software proved that BC-based companies can thrive in tumultuous times. The company had shown demand for their software, growing from 86 team members to more than 150, and they do not show signs of slowing their explosive and monumental growth.  Jane Software attributes the steady flow of demand and ability to consistently scale, year over year to its product-market fit and incredible customer service.  The company believes that it has developed the ideal solution to the issue of health practice management, and it has the revenue figures to back it up.


Thinkific is a cloud-based software platform that enables entrepreneurs and established businesses to create, market and sell online courses.  Course creators can easily build and launch customized learning products for their audiences under their own brand, with no advanced technical expertise or training. The platform is designed to create transformative learning experiences for students and drive sustainable revenue for businesses through enterprise-grade functionality and extensibility for growth.

Thinkific has faced scaling challenges head-on by investing in its product, building a diverse and talented team, and through the support of the tech ecosystem in BC.  A true BC success story, Thinkific now serves 50,000 active course creators in 165+ countries who have generated hundreds of millions in revenue. Building and scaling a company that has made such an impact globally is something the company is proud to have achieved.  Earlier in 2021, Thinkific went public, now trading on the TSX and achieved unicorn status with a phenomenal $1 Billion valuation.  The company has also announced a new round of talent acquisition and plans to continue its incredible growth.