Meet the Company of the Year – Growth 2021 TIAs Finalists

Technology Impact Awards – Company of the Year – Growth.  Powered by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

The Company of the Year – Growth Award acknowledges high growth companies that are demonstrating outstanding performance and potential to grow further. With revenue and employee counts growing year on year, our finalists have the potential to become true leaders in their markets.  Let’s get to know our #2021TIAs finalists!

Acuva Technologies

Acuva Technologies is a global leader in UV-LED disinfection system design for water, air, and surface disinfection. The company released the Arrow, its first consumer UV-LED water purification system, in 2016. This system offered 2-step water treatment that inactivated any microbial contaminants in the water, while addressing all the pains of traditional UV-lamp systems.

Acuva Technologies has demonstrated its ability to grow year over year. The company was able to increase its revenue by 5X in 2 years. This growth continued to occur despite having to overcome the challenges brought forward by COVID-19.  The rapid development and production of the Acuva SOLARIX UV-LED Portable Disinfection System, the first of a number of innovations designed in response to the global pandemic, was released in November 2020.

Launchpad Technologies Inc.

Launchpad’s core focus is applications automation and integrations. In simple terms, the company enables its clients to increase their productivity by automating time-consuming manual data bottlenecks. This not only saves time but avoids costly human errors. Communication between different applications is often challenging, so the data and business processes quickly become siloed. Launchpad helps organizations transform and overcome this critical hurdle by automating and streamlining the data systems and workflows.  This allows Launchpad’s clients to focus on their business operations and ultimately helping companies scale more effectively as their organization grows.

The company’s growth is a BC success story. Founded in 2018 with just $500 in seed funding, Launchpad has consistently achieved triple-digit growth year on year with no outside investment. We are on target to close out this year (2021) with a sales revenue of $10M.

Precision OS

Vancouver based software company, Precision OS was founded in 2017 by an orthopedic surgeon and two experienced videogame developers.  The company aims to replace and significantly enhance current models for surgical training which are costly, difficult to scale and not universally accessible.  By harnessing VR technology, Precision OS is able to virtually recreate medical procedures. This allows surgeons in training to experience what it is like to perform certain surgeries in an immersive way, without needing to practice on a live patient or invest in a traditional simulator.

Precision OS has undergone tremendous growth since the company began operations increasing revenue by nearly 200% from 2018 to 2020. Similarly, the company has more than doubled its employee count earning their designation in the Growth category.


Riipen is an online work-integrated learning marketplace, where organizations can connect with university and college students on short-term projects and competitions.  The company aims to make work-integrated experiential learning (WIEL) more accessible and bridge the skills gap that students may have when they lack hands-on experience. During the pandemic, Riipen was able to play a crucial role in helping students gain vital work experience, while staying safe.  It opened doors for remote internships, reskilling and upskilling initiative solutions for driving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

While Riipen has shown financial growth every year since its inception, the company’s preferred measure or metric of growth and success is “student experiences”.  In 2018, Riipen was able to facilitate 18,000 student experiences. This number grew to 33,000 in 2019 and then again to 59,000 in 2020.