Make Testing your Competitive Advantage

Contributed by PQA Testing

At first glance, testing might only look like a cost, but testing can actually help you reduce risk, get your product to market faster and contribute to a considerably improved customer experience.

Testing is often viewed as a necessary evil, an additional cost to the project that slows everything and everyone down, but investing in testing is actually cost and time saving, and smart testing can be an organization’s competitive advantage in today’s high-paced society.

Testing provides information about product quality and product risk that stakeholders need in order to feel confident that they are making the right decisions at the right time. Deciding when to release a product to market means weighing the cost of a delay against the risk and consequences of an application failure. Inadequate testing not only puts your image and brand at risk, but it can also pose a threat to life and safety.

By shifting left, and focusing on quality from day one, testing can help shorten the overall development cycle, enabling faster time to market. Early testing can find potential issues already in the requirements, saving development from wasting time building the wrong thing the wrong way and potentially having to rebuild major parts of the product.

Emphasizing testing as part of your organizational culture and processes lets you achieve a judicious balance between business drivers and user expectations. Acting as user advocates, testers aim to understand what motivates and engages your customers, and that understanding is a crucial part of delivering a successful customer experience.

Smart testing lets your organization work more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring a better experience for your customers. Smart testing could be what sets you apart.

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