Let’s Welcome Our New Members! (September 2015)

Although it’s time to say goodbye to the summer sun, it’s also time to say hello to our newest members of the BCTIA Network! From tackling freight shipping issues to providing healthcare solutions, we are excited to present to you some great companies in the industry.

To learn more about these companies, read on.


Arkit is a company on a mission to make the world a smarter, better connected, and more productive place. Founded in 2011, they work with companies to transform how they do business, and they empower professionals with the best tools and information. Their flagship software, Arkit, is leading change in the energy industry by connecting oil & gas companies and environmental professionals, and fostering new ways to work for a more sustainable future.

Dent Benefits Consulting

Dent Benefits Consulting was built on the principle that people deserve better and that a good process leads to great results. Everything they do flows from this idea and shines through in their friendly service, transparent communication, and commitment to delivering the best possible employee benefits solutions to meet your team’s unique needs.


Freightera Logistics Inc is an online freight marketplace that makes freight shipping transparent and easy. It matches empty trucks with shippers looking for great deals, making shipping more efficient for carriers and shippers alike. Over 700 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers use Freightera to instantly find the best rates from reliable carriers in North America, online 24/7.


LemonStand is a cloud eCommerce platform that’s built for growing businesses. It scales to meet the dynamic needs of your business including traffic, sales, catalog and more.

Lotz & Company

Lotz & Company is a business law firm representing local, national and international clients. Their core practice areas include corporate & commercial, corporate finance & securities, mergers & acquisitions, and natural resources law. They routinely assist their clients with securities law and stock exchange regulatory matters, debt and equity financings, strategic investments and complex corporate governance matters.


Lumed develops advanced, award winning Telemedicine Solutions. These solutions have a positive social impact by allowing better health care access to remote locations and by lowering the costs of healthcare to patients and health care authorities. Microsoft Corp. awarded Lumed their “Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship Partner of the Year” (Latin America) in 2013.


PayHero Financial is the most exciting thing to happen to payroll since… EVER! PayHero changes the way employees get paid and empowers employers to attract and retain the best. PayHero allows employees to say goodbye to payday loans, check cashing, and predatory lenders, as well as inviting business owners to say goodbye to advances, tip pools and unhappy employees.

PayPal Logo

Paypal was founded in 1998, and continues to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution. Last year, they processed 4 billion payments, of which 1 billion were made on mobile devices. PayPal gives people better ways to connect to their money and to each other, helping them safely access and move their money and offering a choice of how they would like to pay or be paid.


Prelude is a virtual team game that accelerates trust and improves collaboration. While approximately 1.3 billion people work on virtual teams, less than 20% of these virtual teams perform well. This is largely due to lack of trust at the project’s start. The game provides a safe, fast, fun way for new teams to get to know each other and to practice key skills prior to their actual project. It also helps revitalize teams already working together. Prelude integrates twenty virtual team best practices in one elegant solution combining proprietary psychometrics and creative process.

PQA Testing

 is your partner in testing excellence. Their clients want their testing and quality assurance partner to bring thought leadership and innovation to their organizations, while effectively integrating scalable expert resources with their project team to deliver value-add testing results each step of the way. PQA engages with these clients in a practical, project or initiative focused manner, while simultaneously developing the building blocks designed to shorten the time to realize benefits.

RED Academy

 is a new digital media and technology academy in Vancouver that was created for the web designers, digital creators, developers and digital marketers of tomorrow. RED Academy works closely with a network of industry partners to design highly engaging, immersive learning programs that give their students the right technical skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

Salman Partners

Salman Partners Inc. is an independent, research-driven investment dealer serving institutional, corporate and individual clients since 1994. A substantial amount of the firm’s equity is held by its employees, which fosters a high level of motivation, entrepreneurship and determination.


StylePixi has developed a tablet based sales tool that fits naturally into the brick and mortar experience. Designed with a simple drag-and-drop interface, the in-store customer engagement tool employs a PSST Algorithm to create personalized Lookbooks in real-time for each guest. Lookbooks feature looks, items and promotional content curated to the guest based on their demonstrated preferences and personal style. At the end of an in-store visit, guests are sent their Lookbook via email and are notified immediately should items go on sale, or are available in limited quantities.


Torus Biomedical is a technology and consulting firm in design and development of diagnostic and surgical medical devices. Their expertise goes beyond academia; they have hands-on experience working with clinicians to understand how medical device equipment is utilized.

Total North

Total North has played an integral role in the supply and support of communications systems in Western and Northern Canada since its inception in 1972. With customers including Government, Industry, First Nations and SMB’s, the company has been an active participant in the evolution of communications in the North.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the BCTIA Network or have questions about membership, contact Hana Doubrava at hdoubrava@bctia.org.