Last week to apply for HyperGrowth Life program!

Last Week to Apply for HyperGrowth Life program!

Calling all Life Sciences, Health Tech and Agri Tech companies to apply for HyperGrowth Life (HGL) program! Start working on your company instead of in it! HyperGrowth:Life is a six-month revenue and growth accelerator program that guides entrepreneurs to build BC’s next generation of anchor tech companies. The program is specifically designed for Health Tech, Clean Tech, Life Sciences, Agritech entrepreneurs to build and run solid growth engines to scale their companies. We will show you what a healthy operation of a growing company looks like and which KPI you should really be focusing on at a specific point in your company life cycle. For six months, your team will experience an intensive program designed to drive revenue growth. This is not just a CEO or Founders-only program. We mentor and work with your entire leadership team to scale the company.
Application deadline: September 12th

What you get from being in the program:

At the end of the program, you will have created a playbook and roadmap to scale your own company that you can easily adapt for the next growth phase. To get there, we provide you with: Tactical Support
  • Bi-weekly educational sessions with experts who have led, scaled and/or exited companies.
  • Bi-weekly mentorship and tactical help in the key areas that drive revenue
Strategic Guidance
  • Monthly sessions with Executives-in-Residence.
  • Quarterly sessions with Advisory Boards to drive strategy and remove roadblocks.
Financial Support
  • Up to $10,000 in matched funding to hire senior executive.
  • Free office space during the HyperGrowth Life program.
  • Assistance in the fundraising process.
  • Access to the BC Tech network, including our partners and advisors, to drive in-roads with new customers.
  • Soft-landing programs to help open new markets.

Selection Criteria

  • Your company must be in Health Tech, Clean Tech, Life Sciences, Agritech and related industries.
  • Your company must have product market fit and/or have traction to back it up (WoW or MoW growth).
  • You have at least $250k in annual revenue.
  • Your company has a team beyond you and your co-founders.
  • Your company HQ is located in BC.
Learn more about HyperGrowth Life, important program dates, and the program mentors here. In addition to your application, we encourage you to find a mutual connection to refer you to the program manager, Anastasia Hambali. We review every single submission carefully, however due to high volumes we can’t respond to each application individually.