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Keboola Announces Partnership with Looker

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Vancouver, BC — February 27, 2018 – Keboola, the first complete solution to simplify your data world by gathering, combining and enhancing analytics, announced that it is sponsoring the upcoming Looker JOIN the Tour event taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 13.

In response to joint customer demand, Keboola also announced that they are partnering with Looker to provide a powerful way for users to power embedded analytics. By powering products with Looker and enhancing it with Keboola, product teams receive incredible benefits, including:

Any Data, Any Format, Any Location: Productivity is instantly increased by leveraging the powerful Keboola and Looker capabilities. With Looker and Keboola embedded analytics combined with Keboola, users don’t need to be concerned with either the type of database used or the location of the data. Keboola will ingest data from internal systems, accept customer’s own data or data from 3rd party systems, and make it ready for Looker analytics in record time.

Easy on Resources: Keboola with Looker powered embedded analytics eliminate the need to spend weeks or months building fragile ETL processes and tenuous cleansing routines, only to start all over when needs change. From data gathering to data preparation to customer-facing dashboards and beyond, Keboola and Looker make it easy.

Agile Analytics: Powering data products with Keboola and Looker ensures that customers are ready to meet evolving needs quickly. Data sources and fields are rapidly added and prepared with Keboola and deployed as analytics in Looker.

Prepare for What’s Ahead: The cloud-based, open architecture makes it simple to be ready for the next big thing without extensive retooling. Customers can now leverage galleries of pre-built connectors and apps or easily add their own.

“The new world of data analytics, the products that are being created and delivered as a result of innovations, and the possibilities surrounding their capabilities, is exciting. However, it can also be overwhelming to enterprises,” said Milan Veverka, partner at Keboola. “Our approach is different. We don’t want customers worrying about the data environment, we want them focused on their business. By combining the power and expertise of Keboola and Looker, customers can now reap the rewards of an unmatched best-of-breed combination that allows them to do exactly that – decreasing time to market and increasing their ability to focus completely on their business so that the greatest value can be realized.”

“This partnership brings together Keboola’s advanced data tools with our analytics and insights capabilities to deliver a powerful, integrated solution,” said Keenan Rice, VP of Alliances at Looker. “We are excited to be working with Keboola to help drive these integrations that can deliver the largest impact for our customers.”

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