Inaugural Vancouver Trade and Investment Summit Focuses on Getting Canadian Companies Competitive Edge in 2nd Largest Economy: China

Contributed by 2 Red Doors Marketing

Chinese Consumption Expected to Sustain Growth in a Rebalanced Economy

Vancouver, BC: China’s next stage of economic development can mean a boom for Canadian companies, from goods and services to technology and innovation sectors, ready to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the 2nd largest economy in the world. But isn’t China undergoing a doom and gloom period with a slowing economy? The answer is yes but according to China experts, Chinese consumers are going to increase in wealth and complexity.

At the inaugural Vancouver • International Trade & Investment Summit – CHINA: Emerging Trends and Opportunities slated for December 7, 2015 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the one day summit will feature speakers and panelists from across government, investment, trade, financial and business backgrounds – focused on providing Canadian company leaders with in-depth knowledge of crucial market forces that are driving China’s New Normal economy.

“In order to understand China today and in the future, we have to look at some important factors – China’s transformation from a manufacturing-led economy to a $3.8 trillion consumption model in 2014 – this opens a lot of doors for Canadian companies interested in providing products and services beyond our borders,” says Jonathan Chow, CEO of Sparkmetric Productions, the producer of the Summit.

Topics will range from:

  • China’s historical transformation to an economic powerhouse in just 3 decades and the importance of China’s 13th 5 Year Plan for social and economic development
  • China’s growing middle class projected to exceed 630 million by 2022 and what it means for consumer consumption
  • Understanding Made in China 2025 and ‘Going Global’ Strategy and what it will mean for first mover advantage over your competitors
  • Why branding and marketing your products or services in the China market is a blueprint for success in China

Other topics will include how to structure your company operations, utilizing tools, resources and programs offered from the Canadian government as well as wisdom from the trenches from experienced CEOs and Chinese business veterans on how to do business in China.

Shirley Wong Walker, Founder + CEO of 2 Red Doors Marketing is one such veteran. Based in Shanghai, China for ten years as a senior communications professional at several marketing agencies, Shirley understands first hand on what it is like on the ground. “Chinese consumption has broken a number of boundaries. From imported infant milk formula to organic blueberries, consumers have been exploring and enjoying access to discretionary spending whether from going online to purchase or being actively mobile. Thus, developing a ‘China First’ strategy as your blueprint into the Chinese market can help pave the way. You need to understand your customer, their preferences, their pain points, their needs. If you have what they are looking for, they want it.”

Still not sure about China? For a snapshot of China’s economy, a quick, easy read for both China and non-China experts is a mini-book focusing on six major trends influencing China’s growth called The One Hour China Book by authors Jonathan Woetzel and Jeffrey Towson. “Small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and service operators can learn a lot about the potential opportunity that China can bring,” continues Wong Walker.

The one day Summit is sponsored by BC Business, Export Development Canada, Small Business BC, The Dragon Network, 2 Red Doors Marketing, Eat Marketing, Kickstart Business Catalyst, BC Technology Industry Association, Hello VanCity, Vancouver Business Network, Vancouver Entrepreneurs and Business Builders and more.

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