HyperTech Virtual Connection Day – Thursday, July 9

    Free one-on-one virtual meeting with a technology expert to help your business grow.

    According to the most recent report by Stats Canada, 84% of Canadians across the country buy goods or services online on a regular basis. While this trend comes as no surprise, it highlights the need for businesses to adapt to changing consumer preferences and optimize their digital presence.

    The HyperTech Virtual Connection Day offers small to medium-sized businesses a one-on-one virtual meeting with a technology expert to learn what tools and tactics you can use to help your company grow.

    Who is it for?

    For small to medium-sized companies (2-200 staff) in non-tech industries looking to learn about what technologies can help them reach more customers and generate sales.

    “I really appreciated our technology discussion. The expert answered my questions and provided solutions that I didn’t previously know about. Now I understand a lot more” – Small Business Owner

    What is it?

    Companies who take part in the Virtual Connection Day will be connected with a technology expert through a one-hour virtual meeting. The technology expert will conduct a short review of your business and make suggestions on new technologies and processes to adopt.

    You can choose the focus of your call from one of the three areas:


    Connect with new customers and get more sales

    Who is this for: Any company who wants to ensure sales remain steady and to reach new customers

    • Optimize your website to focus on getting you sales
    • Learn how to use social media to convert customers
    • Find out how paid advertising works


    Sell your products online

    Who is this for: Bricks and mortar shops who wish to be able to sell their products online to current and new customers

    • Learn which e-commerce platforms are right for your business to generate sales
    • Find out the opportunities e-commerce platforms can have on your business in the long term


    Plan for the future to maintain team productivity

    Who is this for: Businesses who want to ensure productivity remains high while employees work from home

    • Find out what digital tools and best practices enable smooth remote working for teams
    • Optimize your systems for strong sales pipelines


    The Hypertech Virtual Connection Day is free for participants.

    Deadline to apply: Friday 3 July

    If you have any questions, email hello@wearebctech.com