Hire Top Talent for Next to Nothing – Event Recap

Author: BC Tech Association

The BCTIA Innovation Hub was filled with energy last night as company representatives gathered to learn about the different funding options available for co-op and intern hires. Ambitious MBA candidates from the Sauder School of Business joined the event to connect with these companies and to showcase how these grants can be utilized to obtain top talent.

Erik Kaas, Advisor at National Research Council Canada, gave an engaging presentation on different types of hiring grants and was able to provide immediate clarification on questions from the audience.

Following Erik was Serge Salager, CEO of VisualPing web monitoring, who shared his memorable experience working with the MBA graduates from the Sauder School of Business and the milestones they were able to reach as a team. Serge remarked, “MBA students are not only fully independent and require very little coaching or supervision, but they are also incredibly versatile. It’s like a self-adaptable Swiss knife in your team. You give them an objective and watch the magic unfold.”

After the presentations, company representatives and MBA candidates engaged in casual networking over drinks and snacks, and the students were able to discuss their resumes and potential career opportunities.

Hire Top Talent

The quality of MBAs from the Sauder School of Business has never failed to impress and we have no doubt that these individuals will become the leaders of tomorrow. For more information on the MBA Internship Program at the Sauder School of Business or to receive a resume packet of the MBA candidates who attended, please contact Danielle Wolff at danielle.wolff@sauder.ubc.ca.

Here is a list of the hiring grants mentioned:

Erik is available to meet with companies one-on-one to discuss which funding options would be best for your organization. To schedule an appointment, please email erik.kaas@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

We were so thrilled to see such meaningful connections being made and can’t wait until our next talent event! Here is the full presentation from last night:

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