(Georgia Straight) Growth of technology industry vital to B.C.’s economic future

By: Bill Tam
As seen on straight.com

For more than 10 years running, the technology industry has outperformed the British Columbia economy as a whole and has underpinned the success of many of our traditional industries. The tech industry now employs over 84,000 British Columbians, more than the forestry, mining, and oil and gas sectors combined.

With some direct, focused support we have an opportunity to grow even faster over the next decade and beyond, burnishing B.C. as a tech powerhouse and significantly changing the economy of our province.

Technology has emerged as a disruptive force in every business today, harnessing competitive advantage, and underwriting sustainable growth. To realize this opportunity, we must harness our entrepreneurial ingenuity, and focus our actions on activities that will directly support the growth of start-up companies to mid- and large-sized businesses. We need a generation of progressive thinkers and leaders committed to driving the new economy of British Columbia.

In September, 2010, the B.C. Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) launched the Centre4Growth, a growth acceleration program that is supporting hundreds of companies today. Centre4Growth is an example of an industry-driven initiative that is generating tangible results by delivering practical solutions focused on helping companies increase revenue, extend market reach and build world-class companies.

Centre4Growth is an important part of B.C.’s tech ecosystem, connecting companies to the best resources, support, and opportunities, thereby minimizing costly missteps and maximizing opportunities for accelerated growth.

The positive results generated to date prove that Centre4Growth can be a game changer for B.C.’s technology industry. Boosting the growth of companies from small to mid-sized creates more jobs, attracts more investment, and expands our international exports.

We believe that a vibrant and successful technology industry is vital to the long-term economic well-being of British Columbia, and Centre4Growth, supported by industry and government, delivers on that belief.

One thing is clear. The chief obstacle to securing future prosperity for British Columbians does not stem from a lack of innovation or entrepreneurship. Imagine what would happen if we bridged entrepreneurship, money, talent, and know-how with support from industry and governments that are more interested in shaping the future than defending the past.

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