Gamechanger – Diversity & Inclusion

Gamechanger – Diversity & Inclusion

This award recognized an individual, team or organization/company in the tech sector who has gone above and beyond to make a positive – indeed game changing – difference on Diversity & Inclusion.

Who Should Apply?

Nominees in this category must be:

  • An individual, team or organization/company in the tech sector
  • BC-based

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate nominees:

1. Awards Pitch (max. 250 words) – 25%

Which person, team or organization/company are you nominating? Tell us how they have moved the needle in a significant way on Diversity & Inclusion, which is critically important to BC’s Tech sector. What was game changing about it?

2. How did they move the needle? (max. 500 words) – 25%

Show their work! Tell us more about the specific actions of this individual, team or organization/company. In what ways did their actions make a positive difference? (e.g. recruitment, culture). What strategies and steps contributed to making it happen?

3. How did their Diversity & Inclusion efforts delivers results? (max. 500 words) – 25%

What were the key successes and results coming out of the work? How has this been measured (qualitative and/or quantitative)? How do these results support better outcomes for employees, customers, investors, team members and/or the overall tech community?

4. What will their legacy be? (max. 500 words) – 25%

What about their story can inspire and encourage others? Is there more that they would like to accomplish? What are their aspirations for Diversity & Inclusion in BC’s tech sector?

Deadline to submit is April 15, 2021.

NOTE: If you would like BC Tech to contact a worthy nominee on your behalf please email hello@wearebctech with your recommendation and we will follow up with them.

(Please ensure you have your corporate logo, a team photo, social media accounts and website URL handy. As well, please note that you will be able to upload one Word Doc application file only, which should include your responses to the criteria above.)