– Powering British Columbia’s COVID-19 Response

In April 2020, Service BC reached out to AOT Technologies for help building and deploying a Covid-19 travel isolation management workflow. The aim of the solution was to collect and process the travel isolation plans of Canadians returning to BC during the pandemic. Due to the nature of the situation, the solution had to be conceived, tested, and delivered urgently.

The BC Government had to contact every returning citizen regularly throughout their first 2 weeks after arrival to monitor how they were managing their self-isolation. In addition to this, the Province also required an internal system to streamline the process for government staff at different organizational levels who had to make contact at various points.

Service BC required a solution that included a workflow triggered by self-isolation plan form submissions. The finished solution had to support Ministry staff in communicating the required measures, while also addressing the various needs of citizens returning from abroad during the pandemic.

The team approached the solution using a combination of components – Camunda, Keycloak, Docker, and OpenShift Container Platform – to build a custom solution. The main difference to a regular implementation was that the client-facing form submissions came from a separately hosted external digital form instead of

A complex Camunda BPMN 2.0 process was created to contain all possible decision branches to support the isolation plan follow-ups. The process had integrated analytics to gain required insights like resource management. Angular-based workflow integrated user task forms provided the government staff with a script of essential questions to ask, and stored citizens’ answers. The forms were designed to be smart, changing the user interface layouts and changing follow-up questions based on selections made.

The completed solution was delivered in just 4 days and ensured that Canadian citizens returning from abroad understood self-isolation, received help where required, and were following their isolation plans.

Members of the public were thankful and happy that the BC government demonstrated the ability to provide a timely response to the situation, and showed genuine care in the face of adversity by contacting everyone individually. They were appreciative and reassured by the fact that the government was focusing on the mission to support them.

All of the positive outcomes were achieved by the combination of the dedicated work from every team member and the advanced forms, workflows, and analytics features of This project demonstrates that good and important work can be achieved in a short timeframe with the right team and tools in place. Learn more about