Five Ws with the TIAs Sponsors: CIBC

CIBC is one of BC Tech’s longest standing supporters and Platinum Sponsors of the Technology Impact Awards for over 20 years. 

In the lead-up to the 2020 Technology Impact Awards, BC Tech is profiling all four of the event’s Platinum and Gold sponsors. These invaluable supporters enable our work in the community, and some of them have been with us since the start. 

This week, we’re profiling CIBC, one of BC Tech’s longest standing supporters and Platinum Sponsor for over 20 years. Much like BC Tech, CIBC believes in leading with purpose, and is deeply passionate about the BC Tech community. 


Who: CIBC is a leading Canadian-based global financial institution with 10 million personal banking, business, public sector and institutional clients. The bank has a rich history of supporting community-based charities and organizations. “We lead with purpose, and are very passionate about our core values, many of which align with the values of BC Tech,” says Kathy Butler, Managing Director and Head, CIBC Capital Markets – British Columbia. “Like BC Tech, we believe in supporting tech businesses and helping them achieve their goals while positively impacting the BC tech ecosystem. As a bank with a deep Canadian history, we believe it’s our duty to help support those businesses.”

What: As a longtime supporter and friend of BC Tech, CIBC’s commitment to technology and innovation is evident throughout their firm-wide offerings, industry partnerships and culture. “Not only have we been a Platinum Sponsor of the TIAs for over 20 years, I can say that I’ve attended almost every awards gala – including across three maternity leaves!” jokes Kathy. CIBC has also been a speaker at the ceremonies, highlighting the BC tech businesses that have successfully raised capital either in the public or private markets, or have done an acquisition.

“The TIAs are about the finalists and the amazing community we have here. Every year we make a point of highlighting their amazing achievements.”

When: CIBC has a rich history of helping people, businesses and communities in Canada. The bank supports various initiatives from the Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure to CIBC Miracle Day, and the BC Children’s Hospital. With charity being incredibly important to CIBC and its employees, it was only natural for the bank to align with BC Tech, an equally supportive community. “BC Tech is part of our family. We approach everything we do through a lens of purpose, much like BC Tech, and really appreciate not only what they do for the BC tech community, but for their stakeholders and their employees,” says Kathy. “I’m proud to work for CIBC, an institution that is very much committed to community support on all levels.” 

Where: CIBC has a global presence, helping our clients across Canada, the United States, and around the world, make their ambitions a reality. Everyone’s needs are unique. We’re well positioned to respond to the needs of clients in different geographies and through a wide range of financial advisory and execution services.” says Kathy. 

“We have strong roots in Canada. Since our inception here 153 years ago, we’ve remained steadfast in our efforts to support Canadian communities. We’re passionate about supporting BC – a fantastic tech incubator thanks to universities like UBC and SFU. Many of our CIBC team members are proud to call Vancouver home, and proud to work for an organization that supports community initiatives that help propel tech, an industry that is integral to the culture of Vancouver.” 

Why: The “why” is simple for CIBC – supporting the tech community is key to building a healthy infrastructure. “We want to see the BC tech ecosystem grow and evolve, and create more jobs for BC. In five to 10 years, we’d like to see an even more robust community, with businesses both large and small.” says Kathy. “There is tremendous tech talent in BC. We’re excited to see the future of our industry evolve, and to celebrate many more achievements at the Technology Impact Awards.”