Finger Food Holographic Set Design Tool

Finger Food Holographic Set Design Tool Demoed On Stage At Microsoft Build

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May 12, 2017, Seattle, WA – BC technology innovation company, Finger Food, is developing a new interactive scenographic tool for Microsoft HoloLens that’s being tested in a show creation context by Cirque du Soleil. Finger Food’s innovative holographic set design tool took centre stage at the Microsoft Build (MS Build) conference Day 2 Keynote.

During the Keynote, HoloLens creator Alex Kipman invited Cirque du Soleil to demonstrate Finger Food’s mixed reality scenographic tool. This full-scale holographic tool can not only save on time and costs, but also allow for greater creative freedom and collaboration.

As demonstrated on stage yesterday, Finger Foods’ scenographic tool enables the creation of interactive 3D blocks and shapes that can be quickly transformed into a full scale rendering of a stage, including holographic performers. A tool like this would enable creative teams to work together to imagine, test and bring life to their ideas at full scale even before the first casting session or any building begins.“Finger Food is excited to work with fellow innovators, Cirque du Soleil, to explore the applications of mixed reality for their creative process,” said Finger Food CEO, Ryan Peterson. “We are immensely proud of the creativity, dedication and talent of our developers and designers who created this exciting demo in collaboration with Microsoft in just three weeks.”The mixed reality scenographic tool from Finger Food and Microsoft offers infinite potential for show creators like Cirque du Soleil. It is designed to help creators make faster and better decisions around casting, costume, stage height and more.

“Constantly looking for ways to revolutionize the world of live entertainment and becoming its global leader, Cirque du Soleil explores the impact of the implementation of mixed reality in its creative process,” said Bernard Fouché, General Manager, Innovation, at Cirque du Soleil’s C:Lab. “In collaboration with Microsoft and Finger Food, we’re testing the power of the HoloLens technology, used for the first time in the context of show creation.”

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