Families in need finally have a solution for basic essentials amid increasing prices across Canada

Local tech start-up, Geenees, provides families in need with an opportunity to receive basic essentials consistently from donors all across the country by creating personalized “wish lists”. Donors will have an ongoing, direct, and transparent experience knowing they are giving families in need exactly what they’re asking for.

Delta, British Columbia— As the economy recovers from the pandemic, there continues to be an increasing demand for essential items within many families needing help. Amidst this, the Geenees team has introduced a new and ongoing way to make an impact with products and services.

Making an impact for our community, with our community.
As recently reported by CTV News and felt by communities across Canada – there has been a notable increase in prices for both food items and gas – products which many families rely on day to day. This has resulted in an upward pressure for non profit organizations to help families in need receive all kinds of necessary items.

Nicole Thiessen, Executive Director at Omis and Hamper Pantry which creates hampers all year around to support families in need, says that their most pressing need right now is their back-to-school hampers for the upcoming school year. “We want to see each student go to school with everything they need, but it’s tough especially with the recent price increases for essential school supplies across Canada. Reducing the return to school stress for families is a huge part of a successful school year for each child.”

The loss in purchasing power drastically impacts nonprofits – who now have limited funding and increased costs to help those in need. In addition to this, there remains a decrease in the value of a cash donation in comparison to buying an essential product/good – the same $25 a donor donates now has greater meaning when utilized for necessities.

“As we adapt to the new reality of our society, we have to think about innovative ways to support each other, especially during these trying times. The younger generation likes to give in-kind because the impact is more direct and transparent, so we created Geenees as a new and easier way to give in-kind donations to those who need it most.” says, Libi Berenson, Co-founder & CEO, Geenees.

Geenees, an in-kind gifting platform, wants to help make a positive impact through recurring in-kind donations – allowing both families and nonprofits alike to receive a steady stream of essential products and services, such as monthly groceries or diapers.

In light of this mission, Geenees has launched their new “recurring donation” feature to the public – opening up the opportunity for donors to have real and tangible impact for those who need it most, especially in times of economic hardship.

With over 3000+ wishes to be granted on Geenees, donors can give towards causes they are passionate about in an ongoing manner. Donors can choose to give any amount between $25 to $5000 to give towards products and services within their selected cause, either monthly or quarterly. With this service, the Geenees team also continues to uphold the values of trust and impact by providing donors with an impact report at the end of each period – showing them exactly where and how they made a difference. Alternatively, donors are still able to donate in-kind products and services manually on the platform – which doesn’t require any fees at all – so they know that 100% of their donation will go to a family in need.

Where can individuals donate?

To help families in need across Canada receive essential products and services within trying times will require an army of willing donors to come together for their community. Individuals who are passionate not only about giving back but also having a tangible and transparent impact with even just $25 a quarter. Donors can now set up recurring in-kind donations with Geenees through their online website and help us make a difference, together.

About Geenees:

Geenees is the first product and service (in-kind) giving marketplace for families in need. We are leading a new age of giving with an innovative platform that engages a new generation of donors who are looking for a contactless, transparent, convenient, and direct way to give to those who need it most.

Families in need can join our app by way of an invitation from a nonprofit and immediately begin putting together a wishlist. Their wishlist then becomes visible to donors across the country. Donors grant their wishes and gifts are delivered directly to the family.

Geenees’ primary offering leverages affiliate partnerships with retailers and service providers allowing 100% of the donation to go to the families. Chosen as Top 12 at Pitch for the Purse 2020, Top 20 at the Impact Investor Challenge of Campbell River and Top 26 at the NVBC 2021.

Name: Libi Berenson
Phone: (778) 871-3866
Email: team@geenees.co