Apply for Excellence in Technology Adoption

Celebrating a company for having adopted technology in a way that has significantly improved productivity, competitiveness, or profitability or has in other ways enhanced the experience of customers or employees.

Here are the criteria to base applications on:

  • At any stage of the company lifecycle; startup, growth-stage, established, etc.
  • Any company that applies technology to their business
  • The adoption of technology must have taken place in BC

Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications should include responses to all topics/questions below.


  • A 60-second video on why you think your company deserves to be a finalist in this category. (A scrappy cellphone video is great. Send us the link via Dropbox or any any other file sharing app)


  • 200 max words description of your company.

MUST COVER: How your story is part of the fabric of BC’s tech ecosystem. Past, present or future.


  • 300 max words on how your company has utilized technology in an innovative way.

MUST COVER: Examples of how you apply tech to your business.


  • 300 max words on the profound impact the technology has had on your business.

MUST COVER: Data from pre and post tech adoption for comparative purposes.


  • 300 max words on how this tech has affected the way you measure your success, any changes to your strategic priorities, or culture it may have prompted.  Do you think about the future differently now?

MUST COVER: Examples of how you’re a success and how the outcomes have changed strategy and possible priorities along the way. How have your goals changed?


  • 2-3 people who can speak to how the adopted tech has positively impacted your company.