About this Award

This award acknowledges the positive impact technology adoption is having on everything from increasing productivity to address labour shortages to improving product quality and reducing environmental impact. Technology is changing how companies work across all industries.

Applications are now closed.

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Email tias@wearebctech.com for questions about the Technology Impact Awards.

Who Should Apply?

Nominees in this category must be:

  • BC-based
  • Using technology to impact their business—ideally (but not exclusively) BC technology

Evaluation Criteria – please complete the following:

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Company Social Channels*

Please include links to your company’s social channels for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram if applicable.

Company Description (100 words)*

Briefly describe your company and include a few notable highlights for use in public-facing marketing materials.

1. Awards Pitch (max. 250 words) – 20%*

Technology is changing how companies work across all industries. This award acknowledges the positive impact technology innovation can make - from increasing productivity to reducing risk, improving product quality to reducing environmental impacts. Why does your company best exemplify what this award celebrates? How have you embraced technology innovation within your organization?

2. Business Context (max. 500 words) – 20%*

Tell us more about your company and industry vertical. What business are you in and why do your products/solutions matter to BC? Who are your competitors, what are your key markets, what is your mission and what contribution do you make to BC? What are the wider and future implications of your success? What are 3 key KPIs that showcase your company’s success and set it apart from others?

3. Industry Innovation details (max. 500 words) – 25%*

Describe how you embraced innovation within your company. What problem were you trying to solve? What opportunity were you looking to realize? How did you deploy the technology solution and were there any challenges along the way? How were those overcome and what did you learn?

4. Technology Innovation – business impact (max. 750 words) – 35%*

Tell us about the impacts of you innovation efforts. Please provide 2-3 key metrics that you use in your business and show how the innovation that were implemented improved those performance metrics. What are the next steps – will you go further? How can your industry innovation story inspire and encourage others?
Please confirm that your company representative will be available should be selected as a finalist will be available to attend one of the following filming dates:

 June 25-26 & July 9-10, 2024

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