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Discovery Parks selects the first three Health Tech companies to participate in the Nimbus Synergies Inc. Investment Program

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Vancouver, British Columbia, July 24, 2017: Discovery Parks, committed to seeing technology become the most productive, economically important and socially relevant industry in British Columbia, today reported that it has performed an extensive due diligence process and has announced its first three participating companies in the Nimbus Synergies Inc. Investment Program. Approximately $1.5 million dollars will be invested amongst these companies.

“We’re seeing a lot of great innovative start-ups in the BC Health Tech sector and we have selected our first three companies in our disease and rehabilitation management cohort. Our selection process is substantial but most importantly, we look at two key attributes. Initially, we look at the team; the people. Are they coachable? Do they want to learn and succeed? Are they willing to take guidance? We’re here to help them make the right turns along their journey to success. Secondly, we’re looking for a valid business model and value proposition. The bottom line is: is there a meaningful problem to be solved, is this the best solution, who is going to pay for it, why are they going to pay for it and what value is it going to bring to the customer? Based on these criteria, we have chosen our first three companies to partner with.” explains Paul Geyer, CEO, Discovery Parks and Nimbus Synergies Inc.

Alavida has developed the first remote treatment program for Alcohol Use Disorder by combining 40 years of research with the latest technology. Alavida’s custom tech platform personalizes treatment and makes physicians, therapists, and program materials available in the privacy and comfort of home. Alavida is personalized, evidence-based treatment without all of the obstacles.

Blue Mesa Health
Blue Mesa Health provides tailored remote diabetes prevention and management programs to employees, insurance plan members and individuals with prediabetes, giving them the technology-enhanced tools they need to reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Claris Healthcare
Claris Healthcare has developed a rehabilitation system for patients after knee surgery that employs an innovative sensor and tablet, enabling patients to more effectively manage the rehabilitation process. Doctors, physiotherapists, and patients can remotely monitor and modify the recovery process and adapt the rehabilitation program for improved outcomes.

Nimbus is one of the most exciting additions to BC’s tech industry and the newest member of the Discovery Parks’ group of companies. This new technology investment program is unlike anything seen in BC to date. Nimbus will invest Discovery Parks’ assets, and provide a significant boost to BC’s fertile yet underserved Health Tech sector, focusing on the intersection between life sciences and technology. Each year, three to five companies will be selected to participate. Nimbus will bring these companies together to share resources, industry specific knowledge, and relationships — to accelerate their growth and commercialization. To seed this new investment program, Discovery Parks will be committing $20 million dollars.

Since 1979, Discovery Parks has been on a mission to see technology become the most productive, economically important and socially relevant industry in British Columbia. Through its unique for-profit model, originally specializing in commercial real estate and now focusing on investment, all of the profits gained by Discovery Parks go directly back into the tech industry — via educating entrepreneurs, mentoring businesses and investing in technologies here in BC. Discovery Parks has provided homes to over 250 companies, housed in 16 buildings, developed in 8 locations while also transferring over $21 million dollars back into BC’s Innovation Community.

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