Discovery Foundation Aspire to Tech Workshops

This Fall, join BC Tech and Discovery Foundation for the Aspire to Tech Workshops. These workshops will introduce women to a number of in-demand careers in tech while connecting them with accessible, actionable pathways and resources to land their first gig.

The workshops, led by local experts, will explore the step-by-step process of finding your first career in technology. Each day will begin with a panel discussion of some of the overarching themes of the tech industry in BC and tips and insights for women and underrepresented groups.

Following the panel, attendees will get an overview of some of the most in-demand positions in tech. For the workshop on November 24, we’ll look at careers on the business development side of the tech industry, including Social Media and Community Management, Copywriting, Talent Acquisition, Event Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales.

For the second event, taking place on December 1st, attendees will learn about more of the product and engineering side of the tech industry, including Software Development, Product Management, and UX/UI Design.

After hearing about each of these fields, attendees will split off for a small-group Q&A on what it’s really like to work in technology, exactly what steps are needed to get there, and where to go to find training and more information. Participants will be invited to ask questions, share concerns, and will be provided with a one-page career description so they can leave feeling clear and ready for next steps.

If you’re curious about a career in tech, whether you’re entering or re-entering the workforce after a period of absence, looking to change from other industries into technology, or on a non-linear career track within technology, these events are for you. This is an inclusive event aimed at helping women and underrepresented groups.


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For Ailsa Leen, a Product Manager working on Microsoft’s One Note app, a career in technology means she gets to work on solving complex problems. She could have followed in her parents’ footsteps as doctors but knew she wanted something technical. Plus, working for Microsoft, she gets to fly around the world for customer visits to see how students and professors are using the products. Learn more about Ailsa and others who’ve found their way into tech here.

There are now more than 100,000 people like Ailsa working in technology in BC. This sector employs more than forestry, oil and gas, and mining combined and has some of the highest salaries in the province.

The Discovery Foundation Aspire to Tech workshops aims to explore more stories like Ailsa’s so that a career in technology feels accessible, viable, and exciting. While connecting people with the resources they need to find careers they’re passionate about, the Aspire to Tech workshops aims to diversify the tech sector in British Columbia.

These events are inclusive. Participants of all gender identifications are welcome. The content will focus on the specific challenges that women and underrepresented groups face in embarking on and advancing in careers in this sector. Sign up now to join for one event or both. Events are free for participants.

Program schedule/timeline:
November 24: First Workshop
December 1: Second Workshop

Location of program delivery:
BCIT Downtown Campus


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