COSIA Challenges

In order to help mobilize the minds and resources of external stakeholders and global solutions providers, COSIA has identified a number of COSIA Challenges that explicitly state the innovation requirements to fill the identified gaps in knowledge and technology within each of COSIA’s EPAs. If filled, these Gaps will ultimately support the achievement of COSIA’s Aspirations and Performance Goals.

What are COSIA Challenges?

COSIA Challenges provide focused, actionable descriptions of the current state of certain Gaps as well as the desired outcomes without prescribing the means for reaching the outcomes, as this could limit potential solutions.

Who do we want to hear from?

COSIA is keen to hear from anyone who believes they have a solution to one or more of the COSIA Challenges highlighted on this page – whether they be external companies (small or large), academic researchers, other research institutes, consultants, entrepreneurs or inventors.


COSIA will evaluate the received proposals for funding through criteria that includes:

  • Overall scientific and technical merit of the proposed approach
  • Approach to proof of concept or performance
  • Economic potential of concept
  • Respondent’s capabilities and related experience
  • Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimates

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