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Building any business isn’t easy, but it’s a higher bar to successfully build a tech company in Canada with these combined challenges. According to a recent Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) report, there won’t be enough qualified people to fill more than 218,000 new information and communications technology jobs in the country by 2020.

At VanHack, we’re addressing the technology talent hiring crunch by looking abroad. Our belief is powering economic development by empowering international talent to get the skills and connections they need to join the Canadian technology ecosystem from startups to our national tech titans.

To showcase this amazing talent, we’d like to invite you to The VanHackathon, a virtual hackathon happening Oct 21 to 23rd where hundreds of developers and designers will compete to solve challenges from Canadian startups. Our last event had over 600 participants solving challenges for companies such as Shopify, Axiom Zen, and Hootsuite.

These are mostly senior developers, designers, and digital marketers with in-demand skills such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript, iOS, Android, .NET, and Photoshop.

We believe that code doesn’t have an accent. Technology is uniting the world and if you can speak code or design, you can work anywhere. The Internet has no borders and moving to a new country has never been easier with our ability to virtually visit and connect to anywhere in the world. It’s now about global networking to get connected and to get work.

To be a global city, and global player in today’s knowledge economy, Vancouver companies need to make recruiting a global endeavour. This is the talent pool you can’t afford to ignore.

We are working to deliver these 5 key advantages to the hiring of international tech talent:

  • Speed – Choose from hundreds of developers and find the best one for you quickly.
  • Skills – Find many developers with the skills you’re looking for, sometimes more skilled than is available in the local market.
  • Cost – Cost effective and highly competitive rates.
  • Enthusiastic – These are people excited to work with you. They’ll deliver that extra effort to make sure they’re standing out above the rest. You’re actually helping them more than they’re helping you.
  • Impact – You’re literally changing the life of another person and their family by giving them a chance to work with a BC company. You’re also dramatically increasing their chances of potentially moving here.

We’re showing that by adding motivated, technologically talented people from around the world to teams from start-ups to anchors is a win – win for all involved.

If you’d like to participate, fill out this form or email me at and we’ll get it touch right away.

Written by:
Ilya Brotzky
CEO VanHack
Connecting Cultures through Code