Company Of The Year – Export

Company Of The Year: Export

Applications will open in 2022

About this Award

This award acknowledges a technology company that is succeeding on the world stage through the export of technology developed in BC.

Who Should Apply?

Nominees in this category must be:

  • Revenue of at least $5M
  • Demonstrating a clear export success story with multiple impactful successes
  • Selling a technology-related product, service, solution, system or platform
  • BC-based

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate nominees:

  1. Awards Pitch (max. 250 words) – 20%

This award acknowledges a company that has demonstrated a clear export success story with multiple impactful sales wins. Tell us in your own words why succeeding on the world stage is important for BC companies and why your global export success has been critical to your company and its growth.

  1. Business Strategy and Impact (max. 500 words) – 20%

Help us understand your business. Tell us more about your company’s business strategy and impact. What makes your products/solution unique and compelling? What customers and markets do you support? What are your employees uniquely adept at? What is your competitive advantage?

  1. Business Performance (max. 500 words and high-level financial metrics) – 25%

Time to prove the case! Share with us details of your business performance to demonstrate your success. Please provide summary revenue data for the last 3 years showing the total revenue and the percentage of total revenue that came from export sales. What is the company’s market position in the export market in which it operates? How has it attained that position? What countries do you do business in?

  1. Export Success Story and Key Milestones (max. 750 words) – 35%

Success on the world stage is so important but not easy. Tell us more about what led to your success. What led you to the markets in which you are successful? Were there other markets you considered but where you were not able to be successful? Were there partners or investors or customers that were critical to your success? How did you make those connections? Describe any challenges that seemed daunting at the time but which you navigated successfully. What about your journey to export success can inspire and encourage others? How did your company demonstrate resilience in the past year? How did you adapt, change or thrive in challenging circumstances?